PEMF Therapy

PEMF stands for Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy and utilizes the most powerful force in the world, the electromagnetic force. PEMF therapy takes your cells to rehab and works to rehabilitate your body starting at the cellular level. 

Clinically Proven To: 

  • Eliminate pain and inflammation

  • Promote deep, rejuvenating sleep

  • Increase energy levels

  • Eliminate brain fog

  • Improve circulation

  • Initiate the body's own healing response

  • Reduce depression and anxiety

  • Improve overall immune function

  • control and manage chronic disease

  • Heal broken bones faster

  • Manage post-surgical pain edema

  • Regulate blood pressure and cholesterol

Part of a full health assessment! 

What is a PEMF treatment like? A PEMF treatment is, for most people, a chance to lay back and relax. Laying on the PEMF mat allows the copper coils in the mat and electromagnetic properties to help decrease inflammation and improve cell flow and health in your body. We typically start people on the large mat then use the smaller mats to target specific problem areas as needed. The mask is worn like a sleep mask over the eyes and uses different colours of light, so you will benefit from light therapy at the same time as PEMF therapy.