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Bioenergetic Testing

Quest4 bioenergetic testing asks your body what it needs and what it does not on an energetic level. These scans are not diagnostic or concrete in the way other medical testing is but instead work with your body on an intuitive level to provide insight on your health.

Some of the Available Scans (most popular):

  • Allergy & Food Sensitivity

  • Pediatric Comprehensive Analysis

  • Recovery Program (from weaponized pathogens)

  • Comprehensive Analysis Full Body Scan

  • Weight Loss

  • Female / Male Reproductive Analysis

  • Lyme's Disease

  • Adrenal Scan

  • Sleep Disturbances 

  • Toxin Screen

  • 50+ more


Quest 4 Reports

Reports are generated based on the results of your scan and walk you through the results and what the results mean. Below are screenshots of the very first portions of two example reports. Reports range from 10-35 pages depending on the scans selected and the number of areas flagged by the scan.

Environmental Sensitivity Quest Scan.png
Allergy-Sensitivity Profile Quest Scan.png
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