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As a heart-led company composed of selfless professionals and individuals, we move forward on our mission in our ever-changing world to be guided by these points.


We continuously strive for knowledge and solutions to maximize people's vitality supported by science and in-house primary data collection. 


We believe guiding people to get closer to optimal health will open doors to positive reinforcement in their health, family life, career path, and passion for life.


Building trust and positive results in people's health, we are creating a movement that will be virtual, in-house, or mobile where diverse options will be available for those less fortunate to have access to us.  The intent is to share and train our knowledge with communities helping to establish centers as Vitality Wellness World under our slogan “Vitality to Humanity -one cell at the time.” 

Energy and Vitality

Living a vital and energetic long life is found in the constant quest for health, harmony, and happiness in each forward step.

We strive to build a relationship with you to foster and guide you to restorative health on your wellness journey. 



Detailed analysis and clear understanding of your current condition, genetic markers, and potential destination as you begin your health and wellness journey.



A roadmap for success based on the scientific data unique to your body chemistry and respiratory needs. A step-by-step educational support system to set you up for success.



The ability to start living life on your own terms and take back your health. 


The world is too beautiful not to show up each day with a smile. Finding purpose in what we do is a key to our success.


We strive to lead with heart and compassion, valuing and supporting those we work with and relying on mutual honesty and professionalism.


We are in the business of helping people on a human level. Health care is not for the elite few, it is for everyone, wherever they are at.

Meet The Team


Ariel's Passion to help people has led her to persist through the education required to discover the most effective ways to see life-changing results with natural health options. Her specialty is in cellular rehabilitation & gut health. She also has a passion for the deaf and is one of very few health care workers fluent in ASL and committed to making a difference in that community! 

Ariel Jarvis

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RHN, CEO, Director


James is a champion for Conscious Leadership. Being a leader for momentum and growth is something that has come natural to him. With over two decades of hands-on experience in personal and business growth, he is motivated to help people and entrepreneurs face their challenges, uncover their secret sauce, and get their life and business to peak performance, so they can truly live the life of their dreams; by design. 

James Gardiner

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Training & Coaching

A passion for health care and the human body has always motivated Julia. At a young age she has amassed organizational and administrative qualities that have greatly enhanced the impact of Vitality Wellness World. Her current focus is natural nutrition and understanding the human body and the potential that lies within. In spare time, Julia is working on publishing a novel. 

Julia Dinesen

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Social Media, Assistant, Reception

Meet the team
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