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Nutritional Guidance

You are what you eat. Food is medicine, and you can overdose on your medicine. Understanding nutrition allows you to give your body the right amounts of what it needs.

Eating Your Way to Optimum Health

Natural Health Practitioner and Nutritional Scientist Ariel Jarvis has spent years studying to assess patient's symptoms and develop an effective nutrition and herbal (natural supplement) treatment program specific to each patient. We assess what the body is lacking and what it needs most based on each person's needs.

Part of a full health assessment! 

Supplement Discounts

By setting up a (free) account under ours, you will get immediate discounts!


For supplement discounts, you can order online from Nature's Sunshine with free shipping using our discount referral link. 


We do stock supplements, but we have a limited selection and quantities, so ordering directly from Nature's Sunshine will help you save money and ensure you get everything you need! 

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