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Vitality Wellness Ambassador Program

There are 4 ways to join our ambassador program! 


Refer 3 people who book a full health assessment and get your follow-up for free! Sharing your personal experience with natural health care at our clinic has a huge impact.

We encourage to note down who you refer and we will as well.

Nature's Sunshine

By setting up an account under ours, you will get immediate discounts for yourself. THEN anyone who signs up under YOUR link will get rewarded for signing up under you and YOU will get referral kickback you can put towards supplements in the future or even digital commission.


For supplement discounts, you can order online from Nature's Sunshine with free shipping using our referral discount link.


If you prefer to order over the phone, the number to call is 1-800-265-9163 (Canadian orders) and you can give them referral account code 60617086 for benefits/discounts!

Note: The Canadian office follows the Ontario time zone (3 hours ahead of BC).


We stock supplements but have a limited selection and quantities, so ordering directly from Nature's Sunshine will help you save money and ensure you get everything you need! 

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The best part is you earn by helping and educating others!

Want to learn more? We have a video presentation that takes you through the science behind our water and host live demos in both ASL and English.
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