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Hormonal & Toxic Body Scan

Revealing the State of Your Body's Four Major Quadrants: 

Gastrointestinal, Hormonal, Immune, Toxicity 

The ZYTO Scan Assesses: 

  • Organ Function

  • Teeth & Bones

  • Nervous System

  • Muscles

  • Joints

  • Hormones

  • Neurochemistry

  • And much more!

Part of a full health assessment! 

As a natural health care clinic we utilize the Global Leader in BioCommunications known as the ZYTO scanner. The ZYTO device is used in conducting bio-surveys of the human body using a process known as bio-communication. This feedback provides you with an accurate assessment of your body's needs and functionality helping us determine how to best support you.​ You will receive a 20-page report and walked through what it says about your health and the state of your body.

Hormonal & Toxic Body Scan: $99, 45 minute appointment

Includes: Your Zyto scan and in-depth discussion of your results with your practitioner. You will be sent home with your appointment notes and emailed your Zyto report. Within 48 hours your full customized nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal protocol will be emailed to you with your meal plan and grocery list and house rules guidelines. 

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