Treatments are natural and customized for our patients. We strive to be by your side from the beginning to the end of your journey, guiding you along the way.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
-Thomas Edison

NHP Ariel looking through her microscope

Live & Dry Blood Analysis

Microscopy examines a small drop of blood under a high-powered microscope. Blood analysis looks at the blood cells and plasma, among other markers, for an overall blood and body health picture. The blood is then compared to medical charts and provides great insight. Examples include hydration, parasites/foreign bodies, gut health, candida/yeast, and more.

Part of a full health assessment.

Hormonal & Toxic Body Scan

Using the ZYTO scanner we can conduct an accurate assessment of your body's needs and functionality helping us determine how to best support you.

Part of a full health assessment.

Hand on the blue and silver zyto scanner
Hand writing on a piece of paper surrounded by spinach and kiwis

Nutrition Guidance

We are what we eat! Food is medicine, and you can overdose on your medicine. Understanding nutrition allows you to give your body the right amounts of what it needs. We look at your test results (Zyto Scan, Live & Dry Blood Analysis) and work with you and your health goals / dietary restrictions to develop a custom meal and supplement plan just for you!

Part of a full health assessment.

Iridology & Sclerology

Your eyes tell a story about your health. Assessing the fibers and colors of the eye provides insight into hereditary conditions, weakness in organs, and where the body lacks balance and nourishment.

A woman having her eyes looked at with iridology
A woman having acutherapy done, copper coil over the clothes


Acutherapy contracts and relaxes the muscles, stimulating blood flow to the area, which sends a signal to the body's immune response to provide nutrients and restoration to the area. 

DNA Enhancing

People have unique nutritional needs. End the nutritional guessing game - let your DNA speak for you!

DNA Helix

Cancellation Policy

Starting June 1st all clients booked in for regular appointments will be required to pay $50 towards their appointment 48 hours (or more) before their appointment to secure it.

The $50 is non-refundable and will go towards your treatment. 

(Does not apply to water refills, phone or in-person consultations, or Q&A phone calls.)