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All the tips, tricks, & #didyouknow's to help you kickstart your health journey!

Scan barcodes on cosmetic labels and (packaged) foods with the free Yuka App to analyze their health impacts.

Endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, allergens & irritants:

Many cosmetic products contain ingredients that hold unpleasant surprises & can affect hormonal balance. With the Yuka, you can understand the health impact of the ingredients in your personal care products.

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# did you know
Your skin is your largest organ & your first line of defense against illness & infection.


What Happens to Your Body After Drinking ONE Can of Coke

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Seasonal Eating
Seasonal eating refers to eating fruits and vegetables that are “in season” or at the peak of their freshness and flavour during a specific time of year.

It is encouraged to try to eat fruits and vegetables when they are grown seasonally, rather than all year round. This is because local seasonal produce is typically more nutritious, fresher and more cost-effective.

An Example of Seasonal Eating
During the summer, our shelves fill up with berries and tropical fruit like mangos and pineapple. Come wintertime, we see our shelves chock full of mandarins and oranges. These fruits are high in vitamin C and support a healthy immune system.

Eating seasonally helps your body get what it needs when it needs it!

How is the body affected by diabetes?

The excess glucose in the bloodstream begins to coat the red blood cells suffocating them so they can not function properly. The liver, having to absorb extra glucose, has its function & ability to filter out toxins impaired. The increase in toxins causes acid in the body to increase, raising pH.

Introducing ionized water (high pH) reduces acidity levels. Restoring and maintaing a proper pH in the body and blood can help moderate and even reverse the damage of diabetes, especially Type II. Ionized water can penetrate the cells. Kangen water also helps insulin regulation, balances glucose levels, and dilutes the blood!


The cells of living organisms can only absorb negatively charged water. Tap water has a positive charge, and you can test this with an ORP metre (available on Amazon).


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Vitality Herbal Parasite Cleanse

Artemesia, Pau D'Arco, Black Walnut, Herbal Pumpkin, YFDTX (Candida), Nature's SilverGuard

(Viruses), Cascara Sagrada (optional)


**All products available from Nature's Sunshine**

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