Health Assessment

A complete health assessment is recommended to all new patients. The program promotes full-body recovery beginning at the cellular level.


  • Live & Dry Blood Analysis 

  • Full Hormonal & Toxic Body Scan (Zyto Scan)

  • Nutritional & Supplement Guidance


We offer a range of services in addition to the treatments combined in a complete health assessment.


  • Acutherapy

  • DNA Enhancing

  • Iridology & Schlerology (eyes)


Salt therapy is a natural approach to lung health and respiratory care.

Salt Therapy 

  • Asthma, allergies

  • COPD, lung inflammation / infection

  • Travel & public exposure protection


PEMF therapy, Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy, provides cellular rehabilitation to your body's cells.

PEMF Therapy Is Designed For

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Pain, injury, recovery

  • Anxiety, stress, sleep

Vitality Wellness has merged with Breathe Salt Wellness and Pets Vitality. Breathing is not a commodity, it is essential, which is why we concentrate on respiratory wellness. And health is not just for people, it is for animals, too, and together with Pets Vitality, we are bringing vitality to our furry friends.

Ariel Jarvis, RHN, CEO, Director

Ariel's Passion to help people has led her to persist through the education required to discover the most effective ways to see life-changing results with natural health options. Her specialty is in cellular rehabilitation & gut health. She also has a passion for the deaf and is one of very few health care workers fluent in ASL and committed to making a difference in that community! 

Beata Jirava, B.B.A, COO, Director

Over eighteen years in senior-level management in various roles has prepared Beata for the task of growing wellness centres internationally. Her focus now is on strategic collaborations with scientists, medical practitioners, alternative medicine, and biophysicists with the goal of enhancing vitality at the cellular level. She was recently nominated to sit on the council for the Global Wellness Institute for Halotherapy Research.

Vitality Wellness World

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