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  Natural Health Care Clinic, Langley  


Holistic Natural Health Clinic Langley


Our holistic health care clinic in Langley addresses the root cause at the cellular level. We use technologies such as live and dry blood analysis, and Zyto biocommunication scan to detect out-of-range findings. We then are able to correlate the findings with the root cause of your issue and create a customized protocol and check on your progress monthly. Our clinic was founded by Ariel Jarvis, RHN a highly trained and experienced practitioner who has dedicated her career to promoting natural health and wellness. Consultations available.

Monday - Friday       8:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday & Sunday      10:00am - 6:00pm
19889 96 Ave #9, Langley Twp,  BC V1M 3C7
Beside Lionheart Fitness
Phone, Call or Text: (604) 217-2588


Refer 3 people who book a full health assessment and get yours for free!

Health Assessment

We recommend a complete health assessment to all new patients. The program promotes full-body recovery, beginning on the cellular level.


  • Live & Dry Blood Analysis 

  • Hormonal & Toxic Body Scan (Zyto Scan)

  • Nutritional & Supplement Guidance

    • Meal & supplement plan tailored to you and your goals / body's needs​



We offer all our treatments individually in addition to the combination of treatments in a full health assessment. We also offer an expanded range of treatments such as:

  • Acutherapy

  • DNA Enhancing

  • Iridology & Schlerology (eyes)

Ambassador Program

There are 3 ways to join our ambassador program.

  1. Refer 3 Get 1 Free

  2. Nature's Sunshine

  3. Kangen Commission


Providing optimal cellular support after foreign synthetic invaders that may or may not be damaging the body and affecting DNA. 

There are 2 main steps involved in the treatment process:

1. Supplements & Nutrition

2. Bioenergetic Testing & Bioresonance Therapy

3. Holistic Wellness & Recovery Programs

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Meet Our Team


Ariel's Passion to help people has led her to persist through the education required to discover the most effective ways to see life-changing results with natural health options. Her specialty is in cellular rehabilitation & gut health. She also has a passion for the deaf and is one of very few health care workers fluent in ASL and committed to making a difference in that community! 

Ariel Jarvis

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RHN, CEO, Director

Julia D.jpg

At a young age Julia has amassed organizational and administrative qualities that have greatly enhanced the impact of Vitality Wellness. Her current focus is in developing those skills along with others such as social media management and website editing/creation to increase her impact. In her spare time, Julia is working on publishing a fantasy novel. 

Julia Dinesen

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Social Media, /Reception

Supplement Discounts Nature's Sunshine

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Nature's Sunshine Customer Service: 1-800-265-9163 (EST)


We stock supplements in-store but may have a limited selection and quantities, so ordering directly from Nature's Sunshine will help you save money and ensure you get everything you need! 

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ERW Water Therapy

Kangen Water is energized water rich in hydrogens which are negative ions and has incredible benefits for people and animals. Electrolyzed-reduced water activates oxygen and protects DNA from oxidative damage. Physical, emotional, and intellectual vitality are closely linked to free-electron water.

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