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Wealth Care is Part of Health Care

. . . but what do we mean by that? 

Stress affects everyone in different ways, and each person's stressors are unique. That said, there are some things that tend to cause stress for almost everybody, and finances is perhaps at the very forefront.


We can all think of somewhere the education system has failed us. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to manage and approach finances in school. Then we grow up and handle money every day without realizing how much their is to know - and thus how much we don't know. But how can we expect to know something we were never taught? 

Our Wealth & Wellness affiliate program exists to help you learn about your personal wealth care just as Vitality Wellness helps you learn about your personal health care. When we begin to understand money we remove a huge area of stress from our lives.

Our Goal is to help you break the stress cycle of health & finances

Meet Colin Eggen, Financial Consultant

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​Services Colin Can Help You With Include . . .

  • Smart investing (Moderate and High Growth Funds)

  • Life insurance protection for families

  • Disability & Critical Illness coverage

  • Protection for business’

  • Tax liabilities 

  • Smart Savings

  • Estate Planning 

  • Buying or Selling a home or investment property

Contact Colin


BC born & raised, Colin has worked and travelled in various countries and provinces in Canada.

He has had construction management experience in the oil & gas field as well as running his own landscaping business and even a small custom tailored suit company at one point.

Prior to starting his own business he stepped into the financial sector where he learned the importance of using the financial system in Canada to his benefit and for his clients.


Once Colin stepped out of the management role of his landscaping business he pursued his long term vision as a Realtor & Financial Advisor because he saw the large need for people needing education and awareness when it comes to financial well-being.

He can now provide value to a wide net of people; from young moderate families to the savvy business individuals and everyone in between.

When he is not found helping clients and investors, he can be found building his team of professionals, sometimes on the golf course or playing at the park with his dog Roman.


What brings Colin the most joy in life is connecting people together or enjoying music with like minded people.  


One thing for sure is If you need help, ask, and he’ll help you.

Meet Colin

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