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#skipthestarbucks Anti-Parasite Hot Cocoa 🚫🪳🐜☕

You read that right! We are recommending you drink HOT COCOA this fall & winter to get rid of any of those seasonal pesky parasites! 🪳🐜☕

🚫Anti-Parasite Hot Cocoa 🚫

1 TSP cocoa powder 🍫

1 TSP cloves spice

1 TSP nutmeg

1 TSP cinnamon

1 TBSP honey 🍯🐝

½ Cup Nut milk 🌰

½ Cup hot water 💧

Tip: Use organic spices! They are more powerful and don’t contain glyphosates and pesticides. 💡

How awesome is it to be told to drink healthy not cocoa?! ☕


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