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World Mental Health Day & Natural Health

In honour of #worldmentalhealthday I want to share about some things I often see in my practice - imbalanced hormones and an imbalanced gut affecting mood and mental health! Proper hormone & gut balance is SO important for a healthy mind. Leave questions in the comments! Let's share some natural-health mental-health tips today! 🧠

❤️ @ariel_eggen

Balanced Hormones Support a Balanced Mood! Think your hormones might be out of balance? We work with you to develop a natural, customized approach to balancing your hormones so you can get back to feeling your best!

DOPAMINE - Alertness

Clarity - Ambiguity

Motivation - Hyper

Working Memory - Passive

NOREPINEPHRINE - Concentration

Certainty - Doubt

Determination - Obsession

Learning Memory - Disability

SEROTONIN - Relaxation

Sleepy - Insomnia

Contentment - Anxiety

Recall Memory - Dementia


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