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Why you need a full health assessment?

Initial full health assessments are hour long appointments, and follow-ups are typically 30 minutes. These appointments are with Holistic Practitioner Ariel Jarvis and offer comprehensive, easy to understand results. A full health assessment is what we most commonly recommend to ne

w patients. A full health assessment includes live and dry blood analysis, a full hormonal and toxic body scan, nutritional and supplement guidance, and a two week ionized water trial.

Your health assessment will include the following:

Live & Dry Blood Analysis - Microscopy examines a small drop of blood under a high-powered microscope. Blood analysis looks at the blood cells and plasma, among other markers, for an overall blood and body health picture. The blood is then compared to medical charts and provides great insight. Examples include hydration, parasites/foreign bodies, gut health, candida/yeast, and more.

Hormonal & Toxic Body Scan - As a natural health care clinic we utilize the Global Leader in BioCommunications known as the ZYTO scanner. The ZYTO device is used in conducting bio-surveys of the human body using a process known as bio-communication. This feedback provides you with an accurate assessment of your body's needs and functionality helping us determine how to best support you.​ You will receive a 20-page report and walked through what it says about your health and the state of your body.

Nutritional & Supplement Guidance - Natural Health Practitioner and Nutritional Scientist Ariel Jarvis has spent years studying to assess patient's symptoms and develop an effective nutrition and herbal (natural supplement) treatment program specific to each patient. We assess what the body is lacking and what it needs most based on each person's needs.


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